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February 7, 2009

Lets Get Dirty

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Dirt: gossip, information.  Interestingly, according to Urban Dictionary, “dirt” can also mean: “criminal activity. e.g. ‘doing dirt…muthaf***a!'” Thank you Devdawugla for that contribution to society.  The digital world is full of Dirt.  ON ME, ON YOU, ON EVERYONE.  Even my mom who doesn’t even know how to turn a computer on has a Digital Dirt out there.  She has EZpass, a credit card, a phone, a cell phone, and this list goes on.  The common phrase for our digital existence is Digital Footprint.  This includes everything on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, dating sites, discussion boards, and so on.

This blog will focus on the Dirt that’s out there on us.  Who’s collecting it, how their using it, what we should be doing to protect ourselves and limit the amount of Dirt out there.  I’ll also look at how the Dirt can help us.  A positive personal image, and the image of brands online is important given that the web is an ever increasing resource of information.  

Check out to measure your digital footprint over the course of a typical day: Digital Footprint Grid

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