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April 25, 2009

Be an Expert:

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I just came across this great website that offers a unique way to spread your digital dirt for the benefit of publicity.  It’s called  developed by a gentleman by the the name of Peter Shankman.  It is a very simple interface for reporters and “experts” to meet up and share information. 

haro_logo_bkBasically experts sign up for a twice-a-day email alert that lists journalists in need of an expert on a particular subject.  If you happen to be the an expert in the domaine they require you just email them back and they can contact you for their story.  

I signed up about a day ago and I’ve received three emails with reporters/publications looking for expert advice, but there were no topics that I could consider myself an expert on.  One day I guess.  

If in fact, one day, I do find a topic that I am an expert on, say communications, then I will have the opportunity to spread my Dirt like no tomorrow.  How cool would it be to have a magazine article quote me, Daniel Petre, as an expert? Digital footprint here I come!



Below is a list of example from Peter’s daily emails:




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