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April 22, 2009

Facebook: “we gave you a choice…”

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UPDATE to my UPDATE on my post “Your Facebook profile Isn’t Yours” from a couple months ago about Facebook’s privacy policy.

I logged on to Facebook today and the top of the page screamed democracy… 

It said:  

On February 26, Facebook announced plans to make site governance more transparent and democratic. Since that time, users and experts around the world have been providing comments on the new documents Facebook proposed to govern the site and replace the existing Terms of Service – the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Facebook Principles. Facebook has read the comments on these documents and has revised the documents based on this feedback. Now, please vote to let Facebook know which documents you think should govern the site.

To be notified about future proposed changes to the documents governing Facebook, please become a Fan of the Facebook Site Governance Page .

It says that voting started on April 16 at 12:00 pm PDT and ends on April 23 (tomorrow) at 11:59 am.  This is the first time I have seen this “Governance Vote” thing and now have less than 12 hours to actually read each terms of service agreement.  God, there is never enough time for democracy.  I am desperate to be a part of this online nation we call Facebook, but I don’t have the time!  (Note the large dose of sarcasm please.)

The TOS agreement is like at least a thousand words.  I doubt Facebook users are capable of reading something over 140 characters in length (I know I’m not).  I think they are just doing this to one day say, “we gave you a choice. You voted we listened…… Now stop bitching.  ” 

You won this time Facebook.  It doesn’t happen often, so soak it up.


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