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March 3, 2009

Digital Wasteland

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The other day when I forgot the password to my Plymouth State alumni email I began thinking about the wasteland of Digital Dirt that is in never never land.  I took a quick assessment of my current and past email accounts and social network profiles and it read something like this:






Current email and Social Networking Accounts:


Mcgarrybowen email

Columbia email

Plymouth State Alumni email (which I don’t know the pass word for)

Yahoo email for DigiComm

Yahoo personal email

Other random Yahoo email that I don’t remember the password for

Gmail email



Harvard Business Review social network

Columbia SCE students and alumni social network

Google Doc

Google Pics


Google Groups
Yahoo Groups



Past email and Social Networking Accounts:


A couple Yahoo accounts from college (I think)

My very first email account with AOL

Publicis Groupe email (now inactive, but likely archived somewhere)

Plymouth State email (also inactive, but likely archived)

MySpace account




Then I began to list the other personal information that is digitized:


Bank of American online (I don’t know the last time I wrote a paper check.  Even if I do, it is scanned a put online.)

Discover Card

American Express online

AOL Instant messenger &

Mac MobileMe

GoDaddy Account





Mobile Speed Pass

MTA MetroCard

Boarder’s Rewards Card

Barns & Noble Rewards Card

Footlocker Rewards Card

Store #1 Credit Card (I don’t want to divulge all my credit cards!)

Store #2 Credit Card

Store #3 Credit Card (I don’t have a credit problem, trust me)

Bank of America Credit Card

Columbia Student ID Card

Columbia Club Membership Card profile

Google Docs

Google Pics


Google Groups
Yahoo Groups


Business & Writing WordPress account

Current Digital Dirt WordPress blog account




This, I fear, is only the tip of my “digital iceberg.”  It is truly amazing how much of my information is digitized.  How in the world can I (we) manage our digital footprint if I can even remember my email password?


Truth be told—everything that is personal is digitized (except for my journal and the “to-do” list stuck on my refrigerator).



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