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February 24, 2009

Person Types Email, Person Hits Send, Person Lives in Regret for Hitting Send

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Or perhaps regret isn’t part of the equation. Email, in today’s world, is a HUGE component of our digital footpring.  On NBC’s Today Show this morning they discussed the “etiquette” of farewell emails when you leave a job or, as the case most likely is, when you get fired. A woman got fired just after having a miscarriage (makes for a nice emotional story angle), and sent a farewell email to her lawyer colleagues. It wasn’t a “see ya soon” kinda email either. She let the powers that be know how she felt. How inconsiderate it was to fire a woman that just went through a traumatic time in her life and how “cowardice” they were. Match lit, bridge burned. 

So I ask you:

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? Like the Eli Lilly employee that leaked a 1 BILLION DOLLAR confidential government settlement negotiation to the New York Times because he emailed the wrong Berenson. The NYT reporter is named Alex Berenson, and one of the company’s lawyers is named Bradford Berenson. Oops.

Hit reply all by accident while making a snide comment about another person the CC list? In a recent online survey conducted by AOL, 32 percent of the 4,000 respondents have at one time or another mistakenly forwarded an e-mail to an unintended recipient. And often, it’s something NOT so nice.

Or any other regrettable email malpractice?

Share your stories!!!!

This girl is a slef-proclaimed “liberal weenie”:

It happens all the time. My heart sinks every time I discover a typo in an email after I hit send. Luckily for me, that is the extent of my email mistakes (at least for now). I like to think that I am relatively “careful” about the content and tone of my emails especially with my work account.

Roy Matus, CEO of InBoxer Inc, offers the following tips on avoiding e-mail embarrassment (as furnished for CNN):

• Type out the person’s full name when addressing your e-mail. If you type just the first few letters and let your e-mail program fill out the rest based on your address book, it could easily misroute your message without your realizing it.

• Double-check the addresses of your intended recipients before you hit “send.” Do you really want all the people to get this particular message?

• Be sure to notify your company’s legal department if there is any chance that governance, compliance or privacy regulations were violated as a result of something you sent by mistake.

• Immediately notify the person who received the e-mail that it was a mistake and, if possible, ask them not to read the message — or at least to delete it right away.


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