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February 18, 2009

Digging Yourself Out of the Ditch


So you’re trying to find a job (good luck) and you want to make sure that potential employers and recruiters don’t find anything too risqué about you?  A few tips to hide, but not necessarily delete, your Digital Dirt.

Below is some info I found on  There really aren’t too many resources out there to help cleanup or delete your digital footprint.  I will keep searching and add more tips as I find them or think of them.

Google yourself:  See what’s out there and what rises to the top of the search.

If you find something you’d rather the world didn’t see, contact the site’s owner and ask that it be removed. If you get a “no,” contacting search engines isn’t likely to help. To date, I haven’t looked into getting my mentions removed.

Clean up your social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Chris Hughes, a spokesman for Facebook, says he’s heard that recruiters with alumni email addresses log in to look up job candidates who attended the same school (according to  Remember to tighten up your privacy settings.  Plus, in you future social networking adventures, if you think it might cause trouble down the road don’t post it!

Bury your dirt. Also suggested by contributor, Jared Flesher: “The best way to make something [bad] go away is to have a lot of ‘online presence’ of your own,” says Luis Villa, senior technology analyst at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. He suggests starting a Web page or a blog.”

Tune in to your blog buzz. You can monitor your Dirt presence through sites like or Google Alerts, which will alert you by email when your name is mentioned in internet newsgroups, blogs, etc.


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